The Real Meaning Behind H.E.R.'s Fight For You

The Golden Globe Awards are coming up on Sunday, February 28, and singer-songwriter H.E.R. is nominated for the first time in the Best Original Song category for her song, "Fight For You." The funky track can be heard in the historical drama, Judas and the Black Messiahwhich was released in select theaters and on HBO Max on February 12. According to Revoltthe film is based on William O'Neal, an FBI agent, who went undercover to get info on Black Panther Party activist Fred Hampton. 

According to Pitchforkthe song was released just after being nominated for the Golden Globes and was co-produced by Dernst "D'Mile" Emile II. With lyrics like "Freedom for my brothers" and "Freedom 'cause they judge us," the powerful song is inspired by Hampton's fight for social justice. According to Hot New Hip Hopthe song also has a very 1960s and 1970s vibe which fits the time of when the movie takes place. 

Fight For You is about fighting for something and someone

When talking about "Fight For You," H.E.R. said that the verses are talking about the struggle, pain, and "what it means to be fighting for someone or something" (via Los Angeles Times). While the song can be attributed to the Black Panther Party's fight for justice as a whole, the Grammy-winning artist also pointed out that the song has a deeper meaning about the relationship between Hampton and Deborah Johnson, who was also an activist. 

As she puts it, "I think everybody is fighting for someone," which is why this song is so relatable. Not only does it fit well with the Judas and the Black Messiah, but "Fight For You" still rings true to this day when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement. Last summer, H.E.R. released the protest song "I Can't Breathe" in the wake of all the BLM protests that happened after the death of George Floyd (via Variety). For that inspiring song, H.E.R. received a 2021 Grammy nomination for Song of the Year (via The Grammys). The Grammy Awards aren't until March 14, 2021, so we'll get to find out if the singer wins her Golden Globe for "Fight For You" first. Though, it's safe to say H.E.R. is already winning with all these nominations.