Doctor Who Tried To Save Princess Diana's Life Shares His Account For The First Time

A dedicated statue of Princess Diana is set to be unveiled for what would have been her 60th birthday on July 1. According to Harper's Bazaar, the statue was commissioned by Prince William and Prince Harry back in 2017. If you've been following the royal family lately, you would know that there's been a big rift between the two brothers since Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, decided to step down from the royal family. Some fans are hoping a proper reconciliation can happen between the two during the ceremony in July, but The Daily Beast reports that "seems unlikely." 

It's sad to think that William and Harry cannot mend their relationship in time to properly honor their late mother, especially since she cared so much about them. It was recently revealed that in Princess Diana's last phone call she ever made, she expressed that she "wanted to come back and see her boys" (via Insider). The Princess of Wales' friend, Richard Kay, admitted that she called him and said she wanted to "make a fresh start." Her last phone call wasn't the only thing that was recently revealed.

The emergency room surgeon admitted 'every conceivable effort' was made to save Diana

It's been almost 24 years since Princess Diana died from injuries sustained in that fateful car accident. One of the doctors working in the emergency room that night was surgeon MonSef Dahman (via the Daily Mail). Dahman, who was a duty general surgeon at the time, opened up about his own experience, and said that "every conceivable effort" was made "to save Diana." 

Dahman's testimony goes into detail about what was done to save Diana as they "fought hard," but unfortunately, her injuries were too severe. This story comes right off the heels of rumors that there was a "plot to kill Diana." According to The Guardian, it was recently revealed that Prince Charles was investigated as a witness by the police in 2005 over allegations that Princess Diana was murdered. This was after it was discovered that there was a note left by Princess Diana in 1995, where she predicted she would die from "brake failure and serious head injury." Now knowing that "every effort was made to save the life of the Princess of Wales," it makes the murder conspiracy theories seem less plausible.

The first doctor on the scene of the crash thought Diana could 'make it'

Back in 2017, the first doctor on the scene also spoke up about what happened that night. Dr. Fréderic Mailliez got out of his car and was there to assist within 30 seconds of the accident, according to ITV. Mailliez didn't recognize Diana at first and said, "When you're the first doctor there you have to do the job, you don't have any time to think about who the patient might be."

Mailliez helped Diana before the ambulance got there, and really thought, "maybe she can make it." Unfortunately, he was unaware of the internal injuries. When Diana got to the hospital, the X-rays revealed there was "very serious internal bleeding." As a result, Dahman said she suffered a second cardiac arrest at the hospital, and they "could not get her heart beating again" (via The Sun).

When the first doctor, Mailliez, was asked if he suspected foul play or blamed the paparazzi for getting in the way, he said "no one stopped him from doing his job." He did say there were "a lot of pictures were being taken" with "a lot of flash," but it didn't hinder his ability to do his job (via ITV).