What We Know About Glow Up Season 3 Release Date, Cast And How To Watch

Fans of "Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star" can rejoice, because the reality competition show is back for a third season. The BBC and Netflix series tests the skills of up-and-coming makeup artists in various areas, like application speed, versatility, and technical skill (via The Cinemaholic). 

Each week's challenge is judged by "some of beauty's biggest names," according to Refinery29, which includes L'Oréal Paris' global makeup director, Val Garland, and global senior artist for MAC Cosmetics, Dominic Skinner. 

On Season 3, these returning judges will see a brand new cast of 10 makeup artists — or MUA for short — competing for the grand prize. Season 2's winner, Ophelia Liu, said after taking the crown on her season that she is ready for her "next step and for [her] future" as a makeup artist, according to Distractify. It seems "Glow Up" is ready for its next step as well with Season 3 on the way now that a release date and cast has been announced. 

Where can you watch all of Season 3?

While Season 3 of "Glow Up" has already aired on the BBC Three, American fans can finally watch the new season of the show on Netflix. The series is now available on the streaming service, according to Refinery29, and all eight episodes will be an easy marathon-watch this weekend if you have the time. 

Though, there are quite a few new shows on Netflix this weekend, including a new season of "Outer Banks" and a brand new spinoff of "Love Is Blind" — "Love Is Blind: After The Altar." So, the choices for a Friday night Netflix hang may be overwhelming. 

If you can't get to "Glow Up" this weekend, you'll definitely want to add it to your queue, especially if you've already watched the first two seasons on Netflix. While the show first aired on the BBC back in April 2021, by waiting till now, Netflix is able to release all episodes at once (via TV Shows Ace). That makes it easier for anyone who doesn't have the patience to wait week after week to see who will go home next. 

There's a new host along with 10 new competitors

According to Reality Titbit, the competition show not only has a new cast this season, but a new host this season as well. Replacing Stacey Dooley is British television presenter, Maya Jama. Dooley was set to host "Glow Up" once more, but due to a scheduling conflict with the show "This Is My House," she had to back out. Jama stepped in, saying, "I know I've got some massive boots to fill," but she's ready to take on the job. 

Speaking of ready, these 10 new MUAs are also ready. According to Refinery29, the cast is a good mix of professionals and amateurs who want to make a name for themselves in the MUA world. Samah is someone who has had the training as a MUA in west London, and Craig is known as a professional MUA already. There's also stylist and hairdresser Alex, who is ready to show off her makeup skills as well, and Dolli, who is a beauty broadcaster at Selfridges, according to Decider. Nic has an eco-friendly glitter brand, Disco Dust London, and makeup influencer Ryley already has a fanbase on Instagram

Another digital creator is Xavi, who got his start writing for Buzzfeed. And rounding out the cast is Elliott, who has worked for department store and celebrities, Jack, who took a step back from makeup during the pandemic, and Sophie, who is going to school for makeup. 

New episodes are available now for all Netflix subscribers

If you're excited to check out the third season of "Glow Up," it is available now on Netflix, according to Netflix Life. The series arrived July 30, 2021, and includes all eight episodes. If you're not a subscriber to Netflix, the season is also still available on the BBC iPlayer. You can also find the previous two seasons on BBC iPlayer as well if you want to rewatch. 

If you're new to "Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star," Refinery29 says this is a must-see, especially with its "purposefully diverse" cast this season. You'll also get hooked right away if you're also a fan of Netflix's series "The Crown," because, according to RadioTimes, there is a challenge centered around the royal drama. Judge Val Garland not only teased that the contestants would be visiting the set of "The Crown," but FX's "Pose" as well. So, if you're a fan of all three, you've got to start watching right now.