What Are The BTS Members' Astrology Signs?

When it comes to BTS, it seems every fan already has their own special "bias." While you may feel one certain band member would be the most compatible with you based on how they look, how they sing, how they dance, what they wear, what they like to eat, and of course all of those super-cute things they say in interviews (at least as these are translated by RM, the band's English-speaking spokesman), you may be missing out on the biggest clue of all. In order to determine which member of BTS is best-suited to fill the position of your imaginary boyfriend, we suggest that you look to the stars.

No, not the Hollywood kind. BTS are already A-listers in the U.S. as well as in Korea, so we really don't need the input of any other famous folks. Instead, we're turning to the ancient art of astrology to assess each BTS member's star sign and see how they contribute to their personalities.

Jungkook and RM are both Virgos

Jungkook's birthday, according to Seventeen, is September 1, while RM was born on September 12. That means that these bandmates were both born under the sign of Virgo. This makes sense when you consider how practical and hard-working both Jungkook and RM are. Jungkook, in particular, has obviously devoted hours on end to perfecting his smooth dance moves, and he also works hard to succeed at sports, cooking, photography, and anything else he tries. While Virgos' main fault is a tendency to be a bit judgmental at times, it seems that Jungkook is probably his own biggest critic.

RM is the band's wordsmith as well as its translator, a gift from Virgo's ruling planet Mercury. Mercury, as you may recall from Greek Mythology 101, was the messenger of the gods, and fittingly his namesake planet is the one said to rule over communication.

Virgos are most compatible, as friends as well as romantic partners, with other earth signs such as Taurus or Capricorn (V's star sign). They also get along very well with water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces (Suga).

Jimin is a Libra

Elite Daily gives Jimin's birthday as October 13, which makes him a Libra. Libras are the most balanced of signs, committed to fairness and with a strong sense of justice. This is certainly true for Jimin, as Seventeen says he's made very generous donations to support underprivileged students in Korea. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which may account for Jimin's grace, his elegance, and the fact that Koreaboo reports even his own bandmates (as well as approximately 12 zillion fans) feel that he's the cutest member of BTS.

While Libras try to get along with everybody, they tend to get along best with their fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius (J-Hope). They are also surprisingly compatible with fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (Jin). A bit more work may be required to get along with earth signs, however, which may contribute to Jimin's occasional sparring with Capricorn V.

Jin is a Sagittarius

Jin, whose birthday is December 4 (via Elite Daily), is, like most Sagittarians, very optimistic, energetic, and full of fun, though he will occasionally exhibit those flashes of temper that are characteristic of a fire sign. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest of the planets, and this sign's horizons know no bounds. Not only is Jin living the Sagittarian dream of being a world traveler, but he's not limiting himself to living the life of a rock star. Instead, Jin's already got an eye on his next career, as he and his brother have gone into business together to open a restaurant. (We can't wait 'til they get their own Food Network show!)

As a Sagittarian, Jin is most likely to get along well with his fellow fire signs Aries and Leo, although he's also fairly compatible with air signs like Gemini, Libra (Jimin), and Aquarius (J-Hope). Fire signs and earth signs don't tend to mix quite so well, though. This may explain the friction that, according to an Esquire interview with the band, sometimes exists between Jin, the oldest of the BTS members, and Jungkook, the youngest who was born under the earth sign of Virgo.

V is a Capricorn

V, whose birthday is December 30 (via Seventeen), is a Capricorn, and he definitely shows the work ethic characteristic of that sign. He's goal-oriented and disciplined as earth signs tend to be. His driving force to succeed has nothing to do with ego, however, but rather, like any well-grounded Capricorn, he's more concerned with perfecting his craft. He does, however, enjoy the stability and security that financial success can bring. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet that can bring challenges, and V's had his share. As BTS fans on Quora noted a few years ago, V seemed to be more quiet and subdued after losing both a good friend and his grandfather. Still, V has soldiered on through the pain and come out stronger for his struggles.

V, an earth sign, of course gets along well with his fellow earth signs Jungkook and RM. Capricorns are also quite compatible with water signs, so despite the fact that V and Suga have such different personalities, they do complement each other and are able to work well as bandmates.

J-Hope is an Aquarius

J-Hope's birthday is February 18 (via Elite Daily),which makes him an Aquarius. Aquarians are known to be the quirkiest of the signs, and we can definitely see that with J-Hope's offbeat personality. Aquarians are also all about the life of the mind, and there's no doubt that J-Hope can be a deep thinker at times. Aquarians also like to go their own way at times, which is something J-Hope has done with great success as his solo projects have made him the wealthiest member of the group. He also doesn't seem to care one bit if he's not quite as popular as other band members — again, this is a typically Aquarian trait.

While J-Hope seems to get along equally well with all the members of BTS, as an air sign it's likely he may relate a little better on some level to Libran Jimin. Surprisingly, however, Aquarians are actually quite compatible with Capricorns and Sagittarians, which speaks well to his relationships with V and Jin.

Suga is a Pisces

Suga seems to be just as sweet as his name, which is only to be expected of a Pisces — which he is, as Seventeen reports his birthday as March 9. Pisceans are loving and giving, all of which describes Suga to a T. He shows this in how he cares not only for his bandmates but also his fans, and he's demonstrated his compassionate, caring nature by making generous donations to such causes as the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Despite his kindness, he can be a little more reserved than some of the other BTS members, but this isn't because he's standoffish. Rather, it's because Pisces tends to be a rather low-key, dreamy sign rather than an outgoing, life-of-the-party type.

Suga is the only water sign in BTS — no Cancers or Scorpios in the band. Luckily for him, Pisceans not only pair well with water signs, but they also get along well with earth signs, and his friends include not only Virgos Jungkook and RM but also Capricorn V.

BTS' Korean zodiac signs are also interesting

All of the zodiac signs we've spoken of so far relate to the western tradition of astrology. In BTS' native Korean, however, people are more likely to speak of lunar-based astrology. As opposed to star signs, lunar signs go not by birth month, but by year, although they, too, repeat in a 12-year cycle.

Jin, born in 1992, has the Korean zodiac sign of monkey (wonsungi). According to Korean Class 101, this means he is very quick and clever, highly imaginative, and independent. Suga, born in 1993, is a rooster (dak), so he tends to be a dreamer, sensitive and kind. RM and J-Hope were both born in 1994, the Year of the Dog (gae), and are inclined to be faithful, honest, and trustworthy. V and Jimin, born in 1995, have the lunar sign of pig (dwaeji), something that may contribute to their being both fair-minded and courageous. The baby of the bunch, Jungkook, was born in 1997, the Year of the Cow (so), giving him the patience and dedication he needs to excel at ... well, just about everything he tries.