The Staple Pieces You Need In Your Fall Wardrobe

Now that it's fall, the leaves are changing colors into beautiful oranges and reds, while the temperature is starting to cool down. To celebrate this transition, it's time to stock your wardrobe with plenty of cozy, yet stylish fall staples that will work for any fall occasion from apple picking to Thanksgiving dinner. The first step is to look for fall-themed colors, which includes neutrals and warm tones (via Steph Social). Fall-friendly neutrals include brown, beige, tan, and cream. For pops of colors, think of the colorful fall leaves. Colors like mustard, rust, and cranberry work especially well for this season.

Outerwear is the top category to stock up on this time of the year. A leather blazer is a great staple to keep in your closet for fall, per InStyle. It's super versatile and can be worn with a t-shirt and leggings for a "no bones" day, or layered on top of a dress for a date night. If you want a grunge look, you can also opt for an oversized leather moto jacket (per Who What Wear). 

Vests are also trending this fall and can help put together any look. While cashmere and wool sweaters are great to wear in the winter, Who What Wear recommends cotton sweaters for moderate fall temperatures, as the fabric is more breathable. Investing in a trench coat will keep you cozy in the fall and will give you a polished, tailored look that you can wear over any outfit.

Trendy fall staple pieces for a "cool girl autumn"

The hottest trend that you need as a fall staple is the shacket, per CNN. As the name implies, a shacket is basically a shirt-jacket. They are shirts often made of thicker material that are worn as jackets. If shackets sound like your thing, CNN recommends buying a plain wool shacket, plaid/flannel shacket, leather shacket, and corduroy shacket. Shackets often come in an oversized, relaxed fit, but if you want a more fitted look, Target has a shacket with a sash belt that cinches your waistline.

Who What Wear also recommends quilted jackets and cable-knit sweaters to help keep you warm at night. Cutout tops with floss-strap details are especially trendy this fall. Stocking up on simple, striped and plain long sleeve t-shirts is also a good idea as they are evergreen staples that can be dressed up or dressed down. According to InStyle, mesh turtleneck tops are a comfortable take on a fall staple. Often, turtlenecks may feel uncomfortable if the fabric is too thick. However, the mesh fabric makes them more breathable. If turtleneck still isn't your vibe, fashion blogger Natalie Yerger recommends oversized crewneck sweaters as well as sweater dresses.

Shoes and pants you need this fall

As far as bottoms are concerned, you can't go wrong with pants like the classic straight-leg trousers (via Who What Wear). However, if you're looking to wear something more trendy, cargo pants and pleated skirts will especially give "cool girl autumn" vibes.

When you think of fall, you may immediately think of boots and that's why you should stock up on them. This fall, Western boots and knee-high boots are especially trendy (per InStyle). With shorter hemlines making a comeback, knee-high boots can dress up a plaid or tweed miniskirt. Loafers are also trending now as a dressier alternative to sneakers. 

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of booties, as they are a stylish classic fall staples, per Natalie Yerger. If you want comfortable shoes that you can wear out to the bars and that will go with just about every outfit, though, invest in a pair of black loafers. Now that you have a list to help stock your fall wardrobe, you'll be ready to sip those PSLs in style ASAP.