Celeb Drugstore Brands That Are Worth It

The beauty market can be difficult to break into, and with so many existing staple brands, it can take a while for newcomers to catch on. They have to have a certain unique edge or tempting packaging to convince beauty lovers to stray from their trusted favorites. The difficulty only multiplies when it comes to celeb beauty brands. 

There's an existing skepticism and hesitancy when it comes to giving celebrity beauty brands a try. More often than not, fans have come to realize that celeb brands are usually an attempt to diversify their income, and not much attention or effort is given to providing quality products. 

Once there was a time when celeb drugstore beauty brands would enter the market, only to very quickly die down and get discontinued. Well, things have changed. Celebs have gotten the memo, and today you can find quite a few solid celeb drugstore beauty brands that actually deliver quality products. These brands can definitely compete with their counterparts. Long gone are the days when the only celebrity beauty representation was Jennifer Lopez's skincare line and Britney Spears' perfumes, as Popsugar reminisces. 

The time has come when celebs have stepped up the game — they don't even plaster their names all over the products anymore! Here are some celeb drugstore brands that have proved they're worth the investment.

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

Why not start with the leader of the pack? Jessica Alba launched her billion-dollar Honest Company in 2012 and hasn't looked back since. The Hollywood actress-turned-business mogul has expanded Honest Company to include everything from baby care to home essentials, and most importantly, beauty. Honest Beauty was one of the pioneer brands of "clean beauty," according to Elle. They achieved this accolade by providing all clean and sustainable beauty products ranging from makeup to skincare, and even body care, as well.

Over the years, Alba has secured her spot in beauty aisles across the U.S., especially on beauty lovers' bathroom counters. Countless Honest Beauty products have become holy grails for fans. Byrdie shared an in-depth review of the brand, highlighting and praising some of the cult favorite products, such as the Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser, the Vitamin C Radiance Serum, and the Honest Beauty Crème Cheek Blush.

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been a successful actress ever since she was a child, and everything she has pursued since has also been a huge success. From hosting her own talk show to creating a line of air fryers with her home range, Beautiful, that continues to grow and expand, according to Entertainment Tonight

One of Barrymore's most successful business ventures is undoubtedly her drugstore beauty brand Flower Beauty. The brand has managed to keep up with competitors in the market by constantly releasing new products that are in line with the latest trends. Barrymore even gave die-hard "Never Been Kissed" fans an extra treat with a brand-new range inspired by the movie, as reviewed by Allure

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about her brands being sold at Walmart, Barrymore shared, "It's attainable. There's nothing about me that's niche. I am big and bright and want it to be for everybody." Some highlight products from the range of Flower Beauty products that Motherly raved about are the Powder Play Lip Colors and the Fiber Fix Brow Gel.

Florence by Mills by Millie Bobby Brown

Coming in as the youngest of the group, Brit Millie Bobby Brown has been America's sweetheart, and beloved "Stranger Things" character Eleven, since the Netflix show premiered in 2016. Fans were even more impressed with her business-minded decision to launch a beauty brand so early on in her career, but she had the goods to back it up. 

Launching Florence by Mills at only 15 years old, Brown could never have predicted it'd become such a hit in the drugstore beauty scene. The range of green, cruelty-free, and beautifully packaged skincare and makeup products has garnered a lot more fans than just her Instagram followers. Brown shared some of her personal favorite products from her range with Teen Vogue, expressing that she carries these specific items around with her at all times. "The Dreamy Dew Moisturizer because I tend to have more dry skin, especially in the wintertime and the Spot a Spot Acne patches, because I get like two to three-day pimples that come up, especially when working," she explained.

Flawless by Gabrielle Union

Flawless is definitely a word that's often synonymous with the stunning Gabrielle Union, so when she announced that she was relaunching her haircare brand with that exact name, everyone was excited. Flawless originally launched in 2017, but now Union has joined forces with celebrity hairstylist Larry J. Sims to relaunch the brand with an even more thrilling range of products. 

Sims explained the refreshed brand in an Instagram post announcing the rebranding. "Gab & I collaborated on an amazingly affordable line of products for textured hair, protective styles, & wigs. It was super important for us to create an elevated line with beautiful natural ingredients while still making the price point accessible to EVERYONE despite your social or economic status," the stylist wrote.

The products range from $4 to $10 with formulas designed to treat every hair type out there, which can otherwise be tricky to find in the drugstore. Essence highlighted some of their approved products, including the Flawless Detangling Leave-In Conditioner, as well as the Flawless Restoring Exotic Oil Treatment.

Good Dye Young by Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams primarily may be known for her legendary music as part of the super popular band Paramore, but she's also become a hair icon with her ever-changing styles and colors, chronicled by Bustle. Name a color, and she's dyed her hair that shade at some point in her career. Which is precisely why venturing into hair dye made complete sense when Williams co-founded Good Dye Young with her hairstylist Brian J O'Connor

The vegan and cruelty-free brand offers everything from temporary to semi-permanent hair colors, as well as hair care products such as primer, conditioner, shampoo, and a pre-wash treatment. They even sell a line of hair makeup, which includes temporary hair coloring serums that you can use to test out colors before committing to one of the more permanent options. Allure shared a review of the Good Dye Young hair colors and deemed them, "Hands-down the longest-lasting direct-deposit hair dye I've ever used."