The Most Successful Agents On Selling Sunset, Ranked

"Selling Sunset" is as much about the drama among the team members of The Oppenheim Group as it is about the gorgeous, luxury real estate fans get to tour courtesy of their favorite realtors/reality stars. We are all collectively jealous of the multi-million dollar L.A. homes the likes of Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause show their super-rich clients. And by the way, the ladies who work for twins Brett and Jason Oppenheim are making pretty impressive bank themselves, earning commissions that fuel their own extravagant lifestyles. Ahem, Christine Quinn, who never met a label she didn't covet.


Essential Living looked at the homes the agents on "Selling Sunset" have sold over the course of the four seasons the show has been on Netflix to determine who is the most successful. Let's just say that all of the agents are doing very well for themselves. But the top sellers' incomes will make your jaws drop as much as when you saw that $75 million North Beverly Hills property Davina Potratz famously couldn't sell (via Capital FM). 

5. Maya Vander

Although technically according to Essential Living Vanessa Villela has sold more than Maya Vander dollar wise, she's a newcomer to "Selling Sunset." Vander appeared on seasons 1 through 3 of the show, pulling in $440,700 in commission. Her biggest sale was a $5 million home on Harold Way that netted her a very respectable commission of over $160,000, per Essential Living.


Meanwhile, in addition to her six figure commission, the realtor, who also sells luxury properties in Miami, may earn as much as $4,435 per Instagram post, with her 1.1 million followers.

4. Heather Rae El Moussa

Heather Rae El Moussa, nee Young, who took the last name of her new husband, HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, is living very well considering that she has made upwards of $880,000 in commissions on four seasons of "Selling Sunset." A multi-million dollar sale on N. Doheny Drive in season 4 saw El Moussa walking away with over $127,000. That's right—from one sale!


Her 2.4 million strong Instagram following may mean that according to Essential Living's calculations, the blonde power realtor earns more than $4,000 per post on the social media site.

The reality star is reportedly worth millions of dollars in the end. 

3. Chrishell Stause

Although Chrishell Stause often makes headlines for her love life but the former soap star is a very successful luxury real estate broker (via CheatSheet). Essential Living estimates the star has earned $1 million in commissions over the course of four seasons on the Netflix reality show. Her biggest sale was on Sierra Alta Way in season 4 for which she earned over $292,000. 


Stause may earn as much as $8,000 per Instagram post, making her the top earner of the cast of "Selling Sunset" in the realm of social media. She has a following of 3.1 million, which means the 40-year-old also boasts the most followers.

Ultimately, Celebrity Net Worth estimates her net worth at $5 million.

2. Christine Quinn

Mom of one Christine Quinn may be controversial among her fellow cast members, but she sure knows how to make wealthy clients happy. Consider that over the course of four seasons on "Selling Sunset," the tall label lover has netted $1,082,370 in commissions, with her highest-grossing sale being a nearly $13 million home on Loma Vista Drive in Beverly Hills.


Meanwhile, Essential Living reports that Quinn could earn over $7,400 per Instagram post. Her 2.7 million followers sure want to see what this outspoken luxury real estate expert has to say—and okay, so do we.

1. Mary Fitzgerald

Although the ladies on "Selling Sunset" all make a very good living selling Los Angeles properties most of us will only ever dream about owning, it's Jason Oppenheim's ex, Mary Fitzgerald, who is the most successful according to Essential Living. Boasting total commissions of $1.8 million, the powerhouse realtor regularly sells homes worth nearly $10 million. Her celebrity customers include French Montana. 


Some of the cast members on the show have expressed their beliefs that the star gets the best listings because she used to date Oppenheim. But she's laughing all the way to the bank no matter what gossip may plague her. And, when Fitzgerald posts to Instagram, she may earn nearly $5,000.