Mary Fitzgerald Backs Up Claims That Christine Quinn Is Lying About Her COVID-19 Diagnosis

Only Christine Quinn has the villain power to still manage to be the topic of discussion even when she skips an event. Now that everyone's had a chance to successfully binge watch and re-watch Season 5 of "Selling Sunset," we've hit that same plateau of craving more. 

Well, this time fans won't have to wait for long as "Selling Sunset" will be hosting their very first reunion special. As if that news weren't exciting enough, it also happens to be hosted by "Queer Eye" fan favorite Tan France, per Us Weekly. 

As fans eagerly await the May 6, 2022 premiere questions continue to linger. Will Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause candidly open up about their breakup? Will Mary Fitzgerald hint at who she decided to finally let go of? But most importantly, will the entire reunion consist of everyone confronting Christine for their qualms with her? The latter certainly seemed likely, until the shocking news broke that the self-proclaimed villain, Christine, missed the event. 

TMZ reported that Christine missed the reunion filming due to a negative COVID-19 test. The news was understandably disappointing, considering the fact that almost every single drama-filled storyline in the show revolves around Christine. Suddenly, the reunion was looking a little lackluster. Fans couldn't help but speculate if Christine chose to skip the event to avoid the confrontation, but her cast-mates did a lot more than simply speculate.

Mary Fitzgerald doesn't believe Christine Quinn's excuse

Shortly after the news broke that Christine Quinn was missing the reunion, TMZ shared a suspicious sighting of Christine on the set of a photoshoot with "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga only a couple of days after her alleged positive test. Could this be a case of her lying, or simply being reckless and attending the shoot with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis? Well, according to Chrishell Stause's shady Twitter response to TMZ's story, it was all a lie. Immediately Tweeting back at them with a Maury Povich gif that says, "The lie detector test determined that was a lie," it was clear Chrishell believed Christine was faking the whole thing, and Mary Fitzgerald was quick to back her up. 

Chrishell has always had her issues with Christine, but her ex-bff Mary has even more deep-rooted issues. So, it comes as no surprise that when TMZ asked her if she believed Christine, she bluntly said, "No. I mean, me personally? No, because we all tested on Tuesday and then again on Friday." Mary definitely didn't tip-toe around the questions as she claimed the reason Christine lied is, "Probably because she didn't want to face everything she's done." 

Mary didn't seem fazed by the thought of Christine leaving the show as she rolled her eyes, "I think it will be fine [without her]." This little interview is guaranteed to dig an even deeper hole in the ex-besties' frenemy-ship.