Steer Clear Of These Crystals If You're An Aries

The popularity of crystals is on the rise! As many people dive into their spiritual sides, they are using the stones to help cleanse their energy and tap into their own divine powers. The Guardian reports that the demand for crystals and gemstones imports into the United States increased dramatically with quartz imports in particular experiencing a boom.


According to Gem Gossip, people have been using crystals during meditation, and many believe that particular stones will aid in certain areas of their life. Some also believe that they can help their owners attain success and protection (via Vox Magazine). Many crystals are also said to have healing properties that can help with health issues, mental clarity, stress, and anxiety. Meanwhile, they are also beautiful and come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, which make them great to use for home decor.

Certain crystals can pair better with specific types of people; they can also be matched to zodiac signs. For those born under the sign of Aries (March 21 to April 19), there are many crystals that pair well with your positive traits such as being passionate, confident, and motivated, per Allure. However, there are a few crystals that the fire sign may want to stay away from during their spiritual practices.


An Aries should consider using citrine, aquamarine, and sunstone

According to Cosmopolitan, there are plenty of crystals that pair well with an Aries' personality traits. Stones such as rose quartz can help with self-worth and confidence and are said to promote healing and love. It's been suggested that an Aries can also benefit from working with amber, which helps them relax and feel positive vibes when stressed out. Sunstone is also a helpful crystal for the fire sign to use when they're gloomy or have low energy.


Clear quartz is a healing and cleansing crystal that works well with many members of the zodiac, including Aries, and citrine can be used to help aid in manifestation (via Cosmic Cuts). Carnelian is also a powerful stone for an Aries; it can help ignite passion and courage during difficult times. Of course, other stones such as aquamarine, which is used to bring flexibility into focus, can be used to help tame an Aries' fiery side.

While all of these are great choices for an Aries to use in their daily lives, the sign should be careful about which crystals they're pairing together. Some of them won't make a perfect match.

An Aries may want to avoid stones like moldavite, amethyst, and blue lace agate

Beadnova suggests that anyone using sunstone — a great crystal for an Aries — should steer clear of pairing the stone with other crystals associated with Saturn and Venus. This includes black obsidian, moldavite, smoky quartz, and lapis lazuli (via Soul Charms).


Meanwhile, an Aries who uses clear quartz in their practices should also keep the crystal far away from malachite, which may boost any negative feelings, per Hobbyist Geek. Green aventurine isn't a great choice to pair with clear quartz either as aventurine's calming energy conflicts with clear quartz's amplified vibes. The outlet also suggests keeping a distance from blue aace agate if an Aries is using citrine as they also conflict the flow of energy and confuse your body.

Sonoma Sun notes that if an Aries is using carnelian, which boosts vitality and energy, then amethyst shouldn't be present. Amethyst is a fan-favorite crystal and can be used for many things, but it's calming vibes don't mesh well with carnelian's energy boosting powers.


Aries have plenty of options when it comes to which crystals to use, so ensure that you're not putting the wrong ones together. That way you set yourself up for success each and every day.