Royals Every Libra Can Relate To

Royals don't always seem super relatable. Not many of us live in a palace with a staff of hundreds to cater to our every whim. And yet, royals are just people, who like us, were born under certain zodiac signs and possess some of the associated trademark characteristics. Take Libra for instance, which includes people born between September 23rd and October 22nd.


The classic Libra is someone who, as the sign's scale symbol indicates, craves balance in their lives. Indeed, if something is out of whack, from a relationship, to a job situation, a Libra is going to feel that stress — hard. On the flip side, a Libra can thrive if their lives are clicking along without any turbulence underfoot (via Allure).

Another typical characteristic of a Libra is creativity. As such, the best careers for people who call this sign their own include jobs that require imagination and artistry, such as a writer, interior decorator or chef (via YourTango). Libras are also known for being adaptable, so a traveling chef would be another great job for you if your birthday falls between September 23rd and October 22nd (via Cosmopolitan). Finally, Libras are people pleasers.


And there are plenty of royals who fit this description.

The only royal Libra is Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew's ex-wife and the mother of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, the Duchess of York, is the only Libra among the royal family, having been born on October 15, 1959.

Like a true Libra, she most certainly is a people pleaser, as she still seems to have plenty of nice things to say about the Duke of York, even after his highly-publicized fall from grace. Indeed, in June of 2022, Sarah Ferguson called her ex a good man.


Her motivations for supporting him through his trials and tribulations aren't clear, but one possibility could be keeping her family together post-split. Yup, there's that Libra devotion to maintaining harmony in one's life rearing its head. Meanwhile, the Duchess of York is nothing if not adaptable, having survived a very public divorce and her share of humiliating scandals, like bribing a journalist for access to Prince Andrew. Yikes.

Libras can relate to a creative royal like Catherine Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge's talent for taking portraits of her family members is well documented. From capturing her children on their birthdays to photographing her mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles for a magazine cover celebrating the Duchess of Cornwall's 75th birthday, Catherine Middleton is seemingly magic behind the lens of a camera (via Us Weekly).


Meanwhile, in addition to her creative flair when it comes to photography, the Duchess of Cambridge is clearly a fashion icon, which takes its own brand of artistry to achieve. From her taste in shoes, which is getting more and more chic, to her choices of dress for high-profile events and even casual looks, it must be said that many women live to emulate Catherine's fashion sense.

Ultimately, even though the mom of three has a January birthday, if you are a creative Libra, we're betting you can relate to Kate — even if she is a Capricorn.

Libras can relate to an adaptable royal like Prince Harry

Although not a true Libra, Prince Harry just missed being born under this sign, as his birthday is September 15, 1984. Either way, the Duke of Sussex may be the most adaptable royal there is, having been born into a life he described as a prison in no uncertain terms while speaking to Oprah Winfrey in 2021 (via Insider). Nonetheless, the younger son of Princess Diana grinned and bore the responsibility of conducting his everyday existence in the public eye — until he met Meghan Markle and then everything changed.


Megxit marked one of the most controversial events in modern British history and seemingly transformed Harry from one of the most beloved royal figures, to one of the most despised in the blink of an eye. Not only was the Duke of Sussex booed at a Platinum Jubilee event, but he was revealed to have a very low approval rating in a July 2022 poll.

Ever resilient, like a Libra, Harry doesn't seem to be letting the negative attention phase him. Instead, the dad of two and his wife and kids are happily settled in Montecito, California enjoying a more normal life than his royal counterparts in London — at least if you consider how the Sussexs are enjoying their 2022 summer plans versus what Prince George suffered through at Wimbledon.


Libras can relate to a lover of balance like Queen Elizabeth

Whenever there is a conflict in the royal family, or the region, it comes down to the monarch to smooth things over. Indeed, no one loves balance more than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

As royal biographer Robert Hardman has said about the Queen, she embodies "the cliché 'Keep calm and carry on.' Even in the dark days, she is an optimist and soldiers on" (via Marie Claire).


A zen sensibility has reportedly become even more important to the Queen as she gets on in age, with a source telling People in 2021 after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave their infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, "What she won't want is family conflict at this stage of her reign."

Of course, Queen Elizabeth is not a Libra, but a Taurus, having been born in April (via PureWow). But if you also eschew drama and just want to keep the peace, you can likely easily vibe with the long-ruling sovereign.

Libras can relate to a people pleaser like Prince William

It seems the Duke of Cambridge is intent on not creating waves at this point in his life, even given his many opportunities to speak out publicly against his brother, Prince Harry. While friends say the future king is depressed about no longer being close with his only sibling following Megxit and the subsequent tell-all interview, we are yet to hear from William on the matter (via Mirror).


The Duke of Cambridge is also someone who cares deeply for people who are less fortunate than he is, with William having been designated as the royal patron of an organization that raises awareness around homelessness in London (via Newsweek). On the occasion of his 40th birthday, the senior royal announced that he would plan to expose his children to the plight of people experiencing homelessness, mirroring his mother the Princess of Wales' commitment to involve him in her charity work.

In the end, although William is a Cancer, he sure seems like a Libra when it comes to his desire to make others feel comfortable and happy.