All Of The Duggar Family Grandchildren So Far

After suffering a miscarriage while on the pill, Michelle Ruark Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, decided to stop using birth control. Already the parents of one son at the time, the conservative Christian couple felt it best to let God bless them with as many more children as He saw fit (via the Duggar Family website). The Almighty obliged by sending them enough blessings to help make them the original TV mega-family. For more than a decade, the Duggars' lives and adventures were chronicled through "19 Kids & Counting" and its sequel, "Counting On."

Eleven of the Duggar children are now married adults, and 10 of them have children of their own. (Son Justin Duggar and his wife, Claire Spivey Duggar, appear to be in no hurry to expand the family tree.) As of this date, there are officially 26 "GrandDuggars," as Jim Bob and Michelle affectionately call them, with two more expected in May 2023, and one rumored child who hasn't been acknowledged publicly yet. Baby news tends to come quickly and often for a family this size, so it's quite possible that there may be more before 2024 rolls around. Get your scorecard ready for a comprehensive list of Duggar grandchildren.

Josh and Anna lead the pack

Josh Duggar, the oldest of the siblings, was  the first to get married. It stands to reason, then, that he would also be the first to make Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar grandparents. Just over a year after their 2008 wedding, he and his wife, Anna Duggar, had their first child (per In Touch Weekly). The birth of MacKynzie Renee was chronicled in Season 3 of "19 Kids & Counting" in an episode called "First GrandDuggar" (via IMDb). Following closely in the senior Duggars' footsteps, Josh and Anna went on to welcome Michael, now 11; Marcus, 9; Meredith, 7; Mason, 5; and Maryella, 3. 

Then in 2021, just weeks after the couple announced that their seventh child was on the way, Josh was arrested on charges of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material. Little Madyson Lily Duggar was born on October 23 of that year, in the middle of her father's trial (per Daily Mail). Currently, Josh is serving a prison sentence in Texas while Anna raises their large family with the help of her in-laws. The kids occasionally make appearances in family social media, such Jedidiah Duggar's recent YouTube that showed Michael at the 2022 family Christmas party. 

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

John had his second baby last year

John-David Duggar, the second of the Duggar 19 (he's the twin of sister Jana Duggar), used to joke he'd be a "bachelor 'til the rapture" (via AmoMama). Defying his own prediction, he was married to wife Abbie Burnett in 2018 (per People). Nine months later, they chose an appropriate way to announce their pregnancy news. Posing in John's plane (he's a registered pilot), they held up a onesie reading "baby Passenger on board." Daughter Grace "Gracie" Annette was born on January 9, 2020, according to In Touch Weekly

In May 2022, John and Abbie Duggar shared the surprising Mother's Day news that they were expecting their second child. Abbie's baby shower that summer saw most of her guests wearing blue dresses in honor of the new son on the way. On October 1, the two announced on Instagram, "We are now a family of [four]! We welcomed little Charlie into the world last month and have been soaking up newborn snuggles ever since!"

Jill is a boy mom

Like her sisters Jessa, Jinger, and Joy Duggar, Jill Duggar Dillard's courtship and wedding to Derick Dillard was shown before millions on national TV. The Dillards moved to Central America to start a ministry, and it was there that their first child, Israel David, was born (per People). Then in 2017, when Jill was expecting their second baby, the couple opted to discontinue their missionary work and move back to Arkansas. Samuel Scott arrived shortly afterward, and Derick switched his career focus by entering law school. 

2022 was an eventful year for the Dillards. After graduating from law school the previous year, Derick received his law license in both Arkansas and Oklahoma (via the Dillard Family blog). It occurred just in time for Derick to start a new job in Oklahoma and for the family to move to a new home nearby. They needed the extra space: In July, the Dillards welcomed their third son, Frederick Michael. Jill revealed the sweet meaning behind the name: It's "Derick" with an added syllable. As a rainbow baby, Freddy was a special blessing for the family; Jill miscarried early in her third pregnancy, a baby they posthumously named River Bliss.

Jessa is a mom of four

The first season of "Counting On" saw Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband, Ben Seewald, preparing for the birth of their first child. Spurgeon Elliot was born in 2015; his unusual first name is in honor of Charles Spurgeon, a 19th-century preacher admired by the couple (per The U.S. Sun). Succeeding seasons of the show chronicled the next two additions to the family: Henry Wilberforce and Ivy Jane, now 5 and 3. 

Then in February 2021, Jessa posted a picture of a sonogram on Instagram, announcing, "We're looking forward to summertime, and here's our #1 reason! Thank you, God, for this precious gift!" She added the hashtag #RainbowBaby, indicating that she had miscarried a previous pregnancy. Fern Elliana Seewald arrived, healthy and beautiful, that July. In 2022, the Seewalds moved into a larger home (which Jessa showed off on YouTube) to accommodate their expanded clan.

Jinger has two girls

Jinger (pronounced as in the spice) Duggar was another Duggar sister whose courtship and wedding was chronicled on TV. Married to former pro soccer player Jeremy Vuolo since 2016, she has happily traded her small town life for big city excitement in LA. That's not all she's left behind: Jinger has written an explosive new book criticizing her parents' controversial church and its cult-like ways.

Still, she maintains the Duggar family belief that women's primary responsibility is to care for home and family. As active as she is with her writing career and her social media sponsorships, her main focus is her two daughters, 4-year-old Felicity Nicole and 2-year-old Evangeline Jo. (She also suffered a tragic miscarriage in 2019, per People.) Perhaps recalling how much of her youth was spent being followed by the cameras, she opts not to show the girls' faces on social media.

Joy's family is expanding this year

The fifth of the 19 Duggar children, Joy-Anna Duggar was one of the youngest of the siblings to marry, wedding Austin Forsyth just a few months shy of her 20th birthday. Three months later, in August 2017, a picture of an ice cream dish marked "eating for two" revealed her first pregnancy. Gideon Martyn Forsyth arrived in late February 2018. Then heartache struck the young couple the following year, when their second baby was stillborn at 20 weeks. They mourned the loss of their daughter — whom they named Annabell Elise — but their strong faith sustained them. The Forsyths went on to welcome another daughter, Evelyn "Evy" Mae, in August 2020. "I wanted her name to be perfect and elegant!" Joy wrote

October 2022 brought another pregnancy announcement: The newest Forsyth, a boy, will arrive on or near the late May due date of Jed and Katey Duggar's daughter. Joy says that Baby no. 3 will have James somewhere in his name, which was the middle name of Austin's grandfather. They're not sure yet whether they'll also use Papaw's first name, which was Edwin, but they have a little while to decide.

The boys are outnumbered in Joseph's house

Joseph Duggar is the seventh in the sibling line and the third son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. He explains on his family website that he met Kendra Caldwell through the church attended by future brother-in-law Austin Forsyth. Joe proposed at Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth's wedding, and they married in September 2017 (via People). The couple became parents in June 2018 with the birth of Garrett David, and in November 2019, Addison Renee joined the family. Then in the summer of 2020, Joe and Kendra posted on Instagram, "We are so excited to announce that a tie-breaker is coming in February." 

Sure enough, this branch of the Duggar clan became a girl-majority household with the arrival of Brooklyn Praise. In an interesting family twist, Kendra's mom, Christina Caldwell, had a baby a few months later, making Kendra a sister for the eighth time, per the U.S. Sun. Joe and Kendra haven't been active on social media since Addison's second birthday, but we can hope that they're just busy raising an household of three active preschoolers.

Josiah has one child — or is it two?

Since his family's reality shows went off the air, Josiah Duggar has opted for a low-key life with his wife, Lauren Duggar. The couple conceived their first baby soon after their 2018 wedding, but the pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage. While they grieved the loss of the baby they would have named Asa, they had reason to rejoice again a few months later, when they announced they were expecting a rainbow baby (via Us Weekly). Daughter Bella Milagro — the name means "beautiful miracle" — arrived in November 2019, per In Touch Weekly.

More recently, fans have been spotting clues that Josiah and Lauren may have quietly added to their family. A YouTube video of the Duggar clan's 2022 fall festival showed a quick glimpse of Lauren holding an infant. Then brother James Duggar's vlog of the family's Christmas get-together showed a pile of gifts with a label revealing the name of Josiah and Lauren's rumored baby. The label clearly reads "Josiah, Lauren, Bella," and then another name that looks like "Daisy."  As of this writing, neither Josiah nor anyone else in the family has confirmed or denied a second child.

Jeremiah's daughter has a special birthday

One of the second set of twins in the Duggar clan, Jeremiah Duggar also had a whirlwind year in 2022. After a short engagement — as is typical of the family — he and Hannah Wissmann were married in a touching ceremony that March (per Us Weekly). In another typically Duggar move, the newlyweds wasted no time starting a family of their own. In August, they made a pregnancy announcement, and a follow-up post in October revealed that the newest GrandDuggar would be a girl. The expectant parents renovated a large camper to serve as their starter home.

It was assumed that the baby would arrive in early 2023, but to the surprise of fans, Jeremiah and Hannah announced they had become parents on December 25. Naturally, they had to give their daughter a special name to go along with her birth date. "After an incredible year, God gave us a precious Christmas gift to top it all off!!" they posted. "Baby girl decided to arrive early and we are totally and completely in love with our little Brynley Noelle." 

Jed and Katey are expecting no. 2

Jeremiah Duggar's twin brother, Jedidiah Duggar, takes after him in both looks and life story. He married his wife, Katey Nakatsu, in April 2021, and that September, they announced on Instagram that "Baby Duggar" would be arriving in a few months. (His wording raised a few eyebrows, however: "She tested positive, but not for COVID.") A January gender reveal party showed they were expecting a boy, and sure enough, Truett Oliver (seen here) entered the world on May 2.

December 2022 brought yet another surprise. At Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's family Christmas "ugly sweater" party, Katey wore a sweatshirt reading, "Joy to the World. Oh, and I'm pregnant." Soon thereafter, Jed and Katey planned the Duggars' wildest gender reveal to date: a stunt involving a pink-painted car flipping into the family's lake. Nora Kate, the 28th GrandDuggar, is expected to arrive not long after her big brother's first birthday.