How Welcome To Plathville's Moriah Really Feels About Her Parents

Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville showcases a family in crisis. Gone is the spacious rural farm on which the Plaths previously resided and in its place a modern home which Kim, Barry, and their younger children are quickly making their own — including a controversial prayer closet for poor Lydia, who's struggling without older brother Ethan. He's not the only one who's left the nest, however, as teenagers Micah and Moriah are now living in their own rental property.

The first season of their hit TLC show highlighted all of the strict rules parents Kim and Barry have for their kids, which led online commentators to question their approach. It also caused Micah and Moriah, in particular, to wonder whether there was more to life than foregoing sugar and never playing video-games. The premiere episode of season 2 even culminated with the teens confronting their parents to explain exactly where Kim and Barry went wrong raising them.

Moriah was desperate to escape her parents' grasp

Moriah actually told producers right at the top of the show that she'd "moved out slash been kicked out" of the family home after she began flouting her parents' rules. Micah left of his own volition, but hinted that things hadn't ended on a good note by describing it as a mutual decision. Moriah admitted she was "starving for freedom" when everything finally came to a head. The Welcome to Plathville star painted a picture of a house under the unflinching authority of their parents, who ruled with an iron fist.

She recalled, "They tried to control, like, literally everything — what we ate, what we wore." Moriah added, "Jeans, or any type of tank top, was out of the question." The musically-inclined teenager, who's pursuing romantic relationships as well as a burgeoning career now she's finally out of the family home, acknowledged her parents clearly meant well being so strict with them. Still, as a result of their harsh treatment, she "felt like an outsider in the real world."