How Many Children Does Sami Have On Days Of Our Lives?

Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) is one of the most beloved soap opera characters of all time. "Days of Our Lives" fans have watched the character grow up before their eyes and it's been a wild ride, especially when it comes to Sami's love life. Sami is a character that is always looking for love and acceptance, and she often finds it in the arms of her romantic partners. When she was a teenager, Sami was obsessed with her sister Carrie's boyfriend, Austin Reed. Sami stopped at nothing to steal Austin away from Carrie. However, her plans always backfired. After moving on from Austin, Sami realized that she had fallen in love with her best friend, Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo), per Soap Central.

Over the years, Sami also had meaningful relationships with Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering), Brandon Walker, and Franco Kelly, in addition to her beloved paring with EJ DiMera (James Scott, Dan Feuerriegel), per Fame 10. Although Sami has been romantically involved with many men during her life, she only shares her four children with two men, the two great loves of her life, Lucas and EJ.

Sami's oldest son Will has become a DOOL icon

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched a teenage Sami Brady struggle when she found out that she was pregnant with her best friend Lucas Horton's baby. Sami kept the secret to herself and then devised a plan to drug the object of her affection, Austin Reed, and make him believe that they had slept together. When Austin found out that Sami was pregnant, he believed the child was his. However, after Sami's son Will was born, it was discovered that he was Lucas' biological son, per Soaps in Depth.

Will Horton (Chandler Massey) grew up dealing with plenty of drama between his parents, who would often make up and break up. As he grew older, he began a relationship with Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus), who became pregnant with his child when they were young college students. The two got intimate and Gabi ended up pregnant and later gave birth to the couple's daughter, Arianna Horton, per Soap Central. However, Will was struggling with his sexuality at the time, and after meeting Sonny Kiriakis (then Freddie Smith) had the courage to come out as gay. Sonny and Will eventually got married and even made history as the first gay male couple to get married on daytime television. They are now one of the most beloved "DOOL" couples of all time.

While navigating the drama of his own life, Will also looked out for his younger siblings.

Sami and EJ welcomed Johnny DiMera during a tense time

Sami Brady's love life got even more complicated after she and Lucas Horton reunited. At the time, Sami had recently met her new neighbor, EJ DiMera, who was sent to Salem in hopes of continuing his father Stefano DiMera's vendetta against the Brady family. His goal was to seduce Sami and have a child with her so that the baby's stem cells could be used to cure Stefano of his health ailments (via Soaps in Depth). When EJ found it difficult to get to Sami because of her love for Lucas, he took advantage of a terrible situation. One night, Sami and Lucas got caught in a winter storm and the roof of their cabin collapsed on top of Lucas. Sami set out to find help and found EJ, who told her that he would save Lucas' life if she slept with him. She agreed and later found out that she was pregnant with twins, per Soap Central.

Sami later welcomed twins, Johnny and Allie, but there was a twist. Only Johnny was EJ's biological child. Johnny quickly became the apple of EJ and Stefano's eyes. Sami and EJ battled for custody of Johnny but later banded together when the little boy was diagnosed with ocular cancer, which caused him to lose his eye.

According to Soap Opera Network, Johnny returned to Salem in 2021 as a young adult played by actor Carson Boatman, and reunited with his father EJ and twin sister Allie.

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Sami's oldest daughter Allie Horton has had a dramatic life

Allie Horton may be Johnny DiMera's twin sister but they have two different fathers. The night that Sami and EJ got intimate, she was also intimate with Lucas. Sami ended up pregnant with the twins, who turned out to have different fathers. Allie's father, Lucas, named her Alice Caroline after her two grandmothers, Alice Horton and Caroline Brady. Allie's childhood was filled with drama just like her brother Johnny's, per Soap Central.

Lucas was sent to prison shortly after Allie's birth and she was raised by EJ. When Lucas eventually got released from jail, he fought for custody of Allie, and when Sami went into the witness protection program, he took full custody of the little girl. When she was young, EJ was presumed dead and Sami moved her children to California. Lucas followed to be close to both Will and Allie.

Allie came home to Salem in 2020 with actress Lindsay Arnold in the role (via Soaps in Depth). Allie, now a young adult came home with a big secret. She was hiding a pregnancy and claimed that she had been raped. Allie weighed her options and thought about letting Rafe Hernandez or her brother Will and his husband Sonny adopt her unborn child. Eventually, Allie came to terms with the baby's conception and welcomed her son Henry, who she opted to raise herself.

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Sami struggled after the birth of her youngest child Sydney DiMera

"Days of Our Lives" fans watched Sami find out that she was pregnant with her and EJ's second child in 2008. Sami was happy about the pregnancy, but also a bit scared to welcome another of Stefano DiMera's grandchildren. Before she could tell EJ that she was pregnant, she was a witness to a crime and forced to go into the witness protection program. At the time, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) was also pregnant with EJ's child. Sadly, Nicole lost the baby a few months into her pregnancy (via Soaps in Depth). Fearing that she may lose EJ, she faked her pregnancy in hopes of finding a baby to pass off as her own. She later met a girl named Mia, who agreed to give her baby to Nicole. When Sami and Mia went into labor at the same time, Nicole switched the babies and passed off Sami and EJ's daughter as her own. Nicole and EJ named the little girl, Syndey Ann.

Later Nicole's deception was discovered and she was forced to tearfully hand over Sydney to her biological mother, Sami. However, Nicole couldn't deal with losing Syndey and kidnapped the baby, per Soap Central. EJ eventually recovered the little girl but made Sami believe that Sydney was still missing so that he could later look like the hero who rescued his daughter and win Sami's affection back. Sami and EJ did reunite, and when EJ was presumed dead, Sydney left Salem. She hasn't been seen since.

The heartbreaking death of Grace Brady

While Sami was pregnant with Sydney, she fell victim to Nicole's plan. "Days of Our Lives" fans watched as Sami's daughter was switched with Mia's baby girl. Nicole took home Sydney and Sami left the hospital with Mia's child, whom she named Grace Brady. Sami absolutely adored little Grace, and because Rafe had been the person keeping Sami safe in the witness protection program during her pregnancy, she named him the baby's godfather, per Soap Central.

Sami and Rafe began dating, and Sami was going to allow Rafe to adopt Grace. However, before their plans were carried out, Sami was heartbroken when Grace was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and died (via Soaps). Sami was broken over the death of the baby, whom she believed to be her daughter. Months later, Nicole's scheme was unearthed and Sami reunited with Sydney. However, she always considered Grace to be her child as well.

"DOOL" viewers have seen Sami cause plenty of trouble in Salem. However, she has always been a fierce mother and willing to do anything for her children.