All Of Lindsay Lohan's Iconic Outfits In Get A Clue

The 2000s were a magical time for fashion. While some of the best Y2K styles are coming back, no one can possibly nail the looks better than the it-girls of the era. There's something so pure and magical about people non-ironically wearing beret hats and neon pink everything. If there's one it-girl of the 2000s that completely nailed the Y2K look, it was Lindsay Lohan. The girl starred in everything from "Mean Girls" to "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." But nothing tops Lindsay Lohan's outfits in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Get A Clue," as Twitter user Rachel Wilbury points out. 

In case you're a little late to the game, the movie features Lindsay Lohan as a teenage newspaper editor who starts investigating her missing teacher. It's a classic teen-knows-more-than-the-adults movie, but the real star is not the plot — it's the style. The outfits are iconic and, oddly enough, coming right back into fashion.

From neon pink bucket hats to all-black spy outfits, this wardrobe will take you right back to the good 'ole days. You know, back when it was socially acceptable to "match" an outfit by piling on all the bright colors you could find. Enjoy this flashback into yesteryear, and go ahead and start playing the movie's theme song so you can fully embrace the era. 

The iconic web camera outfit scene

First of all, yes that is Lindsay Lohan wearing a headset. While that is infamously a cry of the early 2000s, so is the neon pink graphic tank. This might not seem like a ground-breaking moment in the era of Zooms and working remotely, but jumping on a web cam with your best friend to compare outfits was super exciting in 2002. 

Don't just take our word for it though — even Alana Sanko, the screenwriter of "Get A Clue," knew that it was an iconic fashion moment at the time. "One of my favorite scenes is in the beginning where Lexy and her best friend compare outfits on their webcams," Sanko told Millennial Hallmarker. "At the time (around 2000), it sounded so futuristic to be able to see someone on the phone. People did have webcams, but they typically weren't very good and were hard to come by. I remember thinking how cool it would be to do a wardrobe check with your best friend before school like that."

Neon minidresses and knee-high boots were a Y2K must

We're sorry, Generation Z. I know that you think the bright colors, mini dresses, and knee high boots were your discovery, but you can thank Lindsay Lohan for this one. She was the Founding Father of Y2K fashion. She was the face, if you will, of the era. Honestly, it was quite the time to be alive, and these outfits prove it.

The fashion try-on scene in "Get a Clue" was so good. It truly was every pre-teen's dream to try on piles of neon fabric and heels. Just look at that sequined minidress and button-up layered shirt overtop of it. Pair that with the patchwork denim knee-high boots, and you've got yourself a true representation of everything Y2K. If you look really closely, you can even see the chicest necklace that was not-quite-choker length.

Brenda Song's outfit is totally killing the Y2K vibe, too. That striped mini skirt paired with the blazer (and more boots!) is almost too good. 

The spy outfits were on point

This outfit single-handedly made every girl aged 12 to 16 want to become a real-life spy. Heck, it makes us rethink our careers now. You know Lindsay Lohan meant business when she threw on those rectangle-shaped sunglasses and the leather jacket. It was the perfect level of pre-teen angst mixed with actually believing this it-girl was a spy. Not to mention that the printed pants were a bit ahead of their time. The bold print and lack of neon colors made this outfit look so much more sophisticated than the others. Hence the down-to-business vibes of the photo. 

Brenda Song's spy outfit absolutely killed it, too. The matching graphic print on the shirt and the jeans was what the era was all about. Honestly, there were probably a whole lot of knock-offs of this outfit in Limited Too. Now excuse us while we go shop for a pair of those sunglasses.

Bright colored prints made her coolest girl in class

Tell us you're the coolest girl at school without telling us you're the coolest girl at school. That is the vibe of this outfit. Even without the binder and chunky cellphone, this ensemble is peak cool-girl Y2K vibes. First of all, nothing screams early 2000s quite like bright pink leather. Pair that with a chic button-up underneath, and you have a recipe for success.

These pants were the real star of the show, though. The bright pink and purple mixed with lime green and light blue was the color combination of the era. "Get a Clue" wasn't the only movie around this time that capitalized on the winning color scheme. "Thirteen Going on 30" and "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" also give cheery splashes of color.

The light blue lenses in the sunglasses are the cherry on top of a quality Y2K outfit. If you can't tell, it's all about the accessories and prints in this movie.

Monochromatic moments have always been fabulous

You didn't think that monochromatic moments were just on-trend now, did you? Lindsay Lohan proves that matching from head to toe is always a good idea. Of course, there was the classic Y2K twist of bold prints. The way that Lohan rocked this neon pink fuzzy jacket with a bold pink and red print is the work of a true fashion icon. Add on to that the cherry-printed pants, and it's truly a sartorial work of art. 

The outfit wouldn't be complete without a chic bag to go along with it. Naturally, it's the same color as the rest of the outfit and even has its own print on it. 

Honorable mention to all the pink and red that Lohan wears in the movie. As a fellow redhead, she really did make me a believer that we can rock the spicy colors — even if they do clash with our hair color.

A chic black beret for the ages

These two outfits might not be the most colorful or printed of the movie, but they're definitely on the top of the fashion list. There are two camps in Y2K movies. The first is the fashion-forward cool-girl who takes on the world. The other is the refined-at-the-perfect-moment girl. This LiLo look is one of the latter. 

Linsday Lohan shows that she means business when she puts on an all-black outfit. This time it's a form-fitting, long-sleeve dress complete with subtle but fabulous touches. If this scene didn't make you want to run out and get a bedazzled beret to wear while you were walking down the halls of middle school, you're lying.

Brenda Song's outfit is just as chic but a little more trendy. The pink fuzzy collar and cuffs of this dress are absolutely iconic. But the real focal point is the purse that Song is carrying. This purse style, guys. It was absolutely iconic, and, as much as a baguette bag is getting its revival moment, this one deserves a piece of the spotlight, too.

A casual at-home print ensemble

We would like to preface this by saying that this was Linsday Lohan's casual around-the-house look in the movie. When she came down the spiral stairs wearing these green pants, mesh-like printed top, and slippers, it was enough to make every pre-teen drag their parents to the mall to shop. This might be the time of wearing matching sweatsuits around the house, but Lohan makes us want to bring back the casual at-home outfit that isn't athleisure. The slicked-back ponytail is looking ever-so-chic, as well.

The purple mixed with lime green should not look this good, but somehow it does. Not to mention that this mesh long-sleeved, printed top was a total sign of the times. There even seem to be some bedazzled parts of the print, and rhinestones are just the perfect way to complete this look. 

The wedding look that could steal the show from the bride

This was the wedding scene of the movie, and, as Twitter user Rachel Wilbury puts it, Lindsay Lohan completely "hits it out of the park" with this bright blue dress. The asymmetrical top mixed with the mesh is pure chef's kiss. The strong blue hue is the perfect blend of bold and sophisticated for a wedding without being too showy. It's also worth noting that the butterflies on this dress were (and still very much are) everything. 

Honestly, we could totally see Olivia Rodrigo wearing this on the red carpet today. If this outfit doesn't prove that every great trend comes back again, then we don't know what does.

It's safe to say that "Get a Clue" is one of the most iconic fashion movies of the era. From the quality outfits to the cast, you really couldn't ask for much else. Except for a ride to Limited Too so you could update your wardrobe based on these looks. It's a good thing that these styles are coming back into fashion because another generation deserves to experience this greatness.