All The Terrible, No-Good Things Quinn Has Done On The Bold And The Beautiful

Quinn Fuller, played by the graceful Rena Sofer, has been wreaking havoc on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for nearly a decade now. The woman who first came to Los Angeles as a jewelry designer with her adult son Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) began meddling in the lives of everyone she came into contact with almost immediately. It didn't take her long to become a notorious — and notoriously hated — figure around town.

In the years since she first arrived, Quinn has bulldozed her way through half a dozen relationships, ruined many others, destroyed several lives, and committed more crimes than most do in a lifetime (via Soap Central). In spite of committing various assaults, kidnapping, and a few attempted murders, Quinn remains a free woman, leaving her plenty of time to continue sticking her nose into others' business — both in the boardroom and the bedroom. Though her hackles rise when her exploits are pointed out, it doesn't seem as if Quinn will cease her manipulative interference anytime soon.

She is a character that many fans adore because she never fails to bring the drama. Love to hate her, or hate to love her, Quinn Fuller has become an irreplaceable figure on the set of "B&B." Here are some of the decidedly immoral (and often illegal) situations the master schemer has gotten herself into in her relatively short time on the soap.

Quinn has proven she will do anything for her son

If it wasn't bad enough that Quinn Fuller let her son, Wyatt Spencer, believe his father was dead for his entire life — only for him to find out as an adult that Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) was his dad — she has clearly overcompensated in her attempts to make it up to him (via Soaps in Depth). Immediately upon arriving in Los Angeles, Wyatt and his half brother Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) began battling over the affections of Hope Logan (then Kim Matula). Quinn, believing that her son deserved to have anything he wanted (even if that thing was a person with their own mind and desires), went to great lengths to make sure nothing and no one stood in the way of his happiness.

When Wyatt orchestrated a fake jewel heist in order to impress Hope with his heroics, Quinn threatened a security guard named Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) to ensure his silence (via Soap Central). Then, when Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) caught wind of what Wyatt had done and threatened to go to the police, Quinn held her over a second story balcony until the girl agreed to keep her mouth shut.

In 2014, after it looked like Hope was ultimately going to choose Liam, Quinn trapped her son's brother in a freight elevator and a sauna — on separate occasions — to give Wyatt a chance to win her over. Later, she followed Liam and Hope to Paris where they planned to get married. Quinn then pushed Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) into the River Seine, knowing that Liam would try to rescue her and thus leave his bride-to-be at the proverbial altar.

Quinn was blamed for Hope Logan's miscarriage

After Quinn Fuller succeeded in making Liam Spencer miss his wedding to Hope Logan at the Eiffel Tower, she was thrilled when Hope took off to Monte Carlo with her son Wyatt Spencer and the two got impulsively married (via TV Guide). Things seemed to be going well until they returned to Los Angeles and Hope learned that Liam hadn't abandoned her, but had been manipulated by Quinn. Hope was about to reunite with Liam when she found out she was pregnant with Wyatt's baby. Quinn became obsessed with her soon-to-be grandchild and became a suffocating presence in Hope's life, even going so far as to disguise herself in scrubs and sneak into an ultrasound appointment (via Soap Central)

When Quinn showed up uninvited to Hope's baby shower, the two women got into an altercation which led to Hope falling down a flight of stairs and ultimately having a miscarriage. Everyone blamed Quinn for the loss of the baby, though Hope was also upset with Wyatt for failing to keep his crazy mother away from her. She ultimately divorced Wyatt and moved to Europe for a period of time, leaving Quinn to clean up the mess she'd made.

Quinn tricked an amnesiac man into loving her

Quinn had crossed the line in previous years by trying to kill Liam Spencer, once by stabbing him in the throat with his sword necklace, and a second time attacking him with the real thing, per Soaps in Depth. However, Quinn took things to a new level in 2016 when Liam and Wyatt Spencer were once battling for the same woman. This time it was Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Liam planned to take Steffy back after breaking off their engagement because she had slept with Wyatt, and Quinn couldn't let that stand.

After suffering a head injury, Liam conveniently fell unconscious in front of Quinn when he was on his way to meet Steffy and she took the opportunity to kidnap him, intending to buy some time for Wyatt and Steffy. When Liam awoke in her remote cabin suffering from amnesia, Quinn told him that the two of them were married and named Adam and Eve. For the next several weeks Quinn played house with Liam, feeding him false information about their life together and letting all of his friends and family worry about his disappearance. During their time together, Liam was very sweet to the woman he believed was his wife and Quinn began to have real feelings for him, especially after they slept together.

Eventually an alarmed Wyatt figured out what was going on and went to the cabin. Liam regained his memory upon seeing his brother, and Quinn was exposed. She tried to explain to Liam that she truly loved him, but he rejected her (via Paramount+). Wyatt disowned his mother and she was arrested for her actions, though the charges were later dropped.

Quinn tried to kill Deacon Sharpe

While holding an amnesiac Liam Spencer in her remote cabin, Quinn Fuller had to think on her feet when her ex-husband Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) showed up and realized what she was doing (via CBS). She was able to convince Deacon to stay silent, though he urged her to tell the truth because the situation was unsustainable. Quinn began to see his point when Liam started to regain flashes of his memory, but rather than confess, she and Deacon came up with a plan for Liam to have an "accident" at a nearby cliff. However, when push came to shove, it was Deacon that Quinn sent hurtling off the cliffside instead (via CheatSheet).

Believing that she had killed Deacon, Quinn went back to her pretend life as the Eve to Liam's Adam. But around the same time that her charade was revealed, Deacon came back from the dead (via Soap Central). He had survived the fall and a plunge in the ocean and was enraged at Quinn for what she had done. He pretended to forgive her, though he was eventually exposed for trying to secretly shoot Quinn on multiple occasions out of revenge. Deacon was arrested for attempted murder and Quinn was more than happy to let him sit in prison for the exact same crime she had committed against him.

Quinn is a known adulterer

Quinn Fuller is no stranger to using her own feminine wiles to her advantage. In 2013, Quinn found her feelings for her son's father, Bill Spencer Jr., resurfacing. Regardless of the fact that he was engaged to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) at the time, Quinn seduced him into bed. She then took a photo of them together and texted it to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) who was in love with Brooke and wanted to break up her relationship (via Soaps). Quinn's plan succeeded, though Ridge ultimately paid the price when Bill had him dropped out of a helicopter in retaliation.

Then, during her marriage to Eric Forrester (John McCook) in 2016, Quinn found herself attracted to his son Ridge — the same man who was nearly killed because of her actions (via Soaps in Depth). The two had a brief romance which devastated Eric when he found out.

Eric and Quinn were ultimately able to mend their marriage, until 2021 when things hit the rocks again. Quinn was feeling lonely after Eric had stopped being intimate with her and began an affair with Forrester Creations attorney Carter Walton (Victor Saint-Lawrence). However, she was overcome with guilt when she found out that her husband was actually just suffering from erectile dysfunction. It wasn't much later, however, that Eric had an affair of his own and the couple split up amicably to go after the true objects of their hearts' desires (via Soaps).

Who knows, maybe Carter will be the person that can finally cause Quinn to turn over a new leaf... but don't hold your breath.