5 Days Of Our Lives Characters Who Could Always Make You Laugh

Over the years, "Days of Our Lives" viewers have grown used to seeing some wild and wacky storylines on the iconic soap opera. Longtime fans have witnessed some truly intense and even comical moments throughout the decades including Marlena Evans' exorcism, Sami Brady disguising herself as a man named Stan so that she could hide in plain sight, and Rex and Cassie Brady's experience as alien-like beings.Oh, and lest we forget Steve Johnson, Hope Brady, and John Black's history of being brainwashed by the DiMera family, not to mention several presumed dead Salemites returning from beyond the grave. Of course, the bizarre "Days of Our Lives" plotlines aren't the only source of silliness and fun on the sudser. Many characters on the show have had a reputation for being hilarious, as well, often unintentionally.

Characters like Calliope Jones (Arleen Sorkin) always delivered fun and eyebrow-raising moments with her interesting outlook on life and her over-the-top fashion, per Soap Hub. Calliope's love interest, Eugene Bradford (John de Lancie), was also always good for a laugh. He even built his very own time machine and traveled through time, which left everyone in Salem believing he was dead for a while.

Eugene and Calliope were two fun and fascinating characters who even held a wedding for their dogs. However, the pair aren't the only giggle-inducing characters to ever pop up in Salem.

Susan Banks is always good for a laugh

When it comes to making "Days of Our Lives" fans laugh, no one is quite like the character of Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk). Susan first showed up in Salem in 1996 as a strange pregnant woman who resembled Kristen DiMera. At the time, Kristen was trying to trick John Black into believing she was pregnant and used Susan as a decoy, making her wear a wig and false teeth to step in for Kristen during pivotal pregnancy moments. Eventually, Susan began to have enough of Kristen's hold on her life and locked her lookalike in the secret room beneath the DiMera mansion. Susan then went on to impersonate Kristen, even going as far as to plan an Elvis-themed wedding with John. However, when her false teeth slipped out during the ceremony, it was clear she was not who she claimed to be.

In the years after the drama with Kristen, Susan found herself popping in and out of Salem and was even revealed to be the mother of EJ DiMera. Susan found that she had a bit of sixth sense and could predict the future as well as spiritual phenomenons. She was always quick to tell a joke or make an obscure reference which left fans rolling in laughter. Her colorful way with words, unique fashion sense, and kind heart made her hard to ignore for several years.

Bonnie Lockhart is one colorful character

When Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) first stepped into Salem in the early 2000s, some "Days of Our Lives" viewers may not have known what to make of the colorful character. Bonnie was introduced as the mother of Salem teen Mimi Lockhart and later went on to work as a housekeeper for Maggie and Mickey Horton. After Maggie was presumed dead in the Salem Stalker murders, Bonnie saw her chance to romance Mickey. The two fell in love and quickly got married. However, when Maggie return alive, she was stunned to see that Mickey had moved on with the much younger Bonnie. Mickey chose to end the marriage to Bonnie and reunite with Maggie, leaving Bonnie out in the cold. However, before that the two had a blast together listening to country music, wearing cowboy hats, and finding adventure wherever they went, making viewers bust a gut nearly every time she appeared in a scene.

Bonnie developed plenty of schemes over the years. As a doppelganger to beloved Salemite Adrienne Kiriakis, Bonnie used the situation to her advantage and even swapped places with Adrienne for a bit to get herself out of prison. Later, after Adrienne's death, Bonnie found herself following her widower, Justin Kiriakis. Bonnie's colorful personality and zest for life helped to bring Justin back to a happy place, and the two eventually tied the knot. Of course, Bonnie has lost her loud personality, bluntness, or her love for cowboy hats.

Leo Stark brings the snark

Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) is one character that "Days of Our Lives" fans love to hate. Although Leo is usually causing trouble for someone in town, he's also one of the snarkiest and most comedic Salemites of all time. Leo originally came to Salem in 2018 to be an obstacle in Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton's relationship. However, things took a dark turn when Leo got into an altercation with the couple that turned a bit physical, causing him to hit his head on the fireplace of the Kiriakis living room. Will and Sonny panicked, believing that Leo was dead. They couple disposed of his body, but were stunned to see him return months later alive and well — and looking for revenge.

However, Leo became distracted when he developed a crush on Xander Cook. Leo was later stunned when his mother, Diana Cooper, showed up in Salem. Eventually, he settled into life in Salem and even met and fell in love with Chloe Lane's father, Craig Wesley. The couple got engaged and planned a double wedding with Gwen Rizczech and Xander. However, their ceremony day was ruined when Abigail Deveraux and her husband Chad DiMera exposed evidence that cost both Leo and Gwen their partners.

Leo went on to work with Gwen at the local newspaper, exposing secrets about the people of Salem in his gossip column. Leo's hilarious one-liners and flair for the dramatic have made for some very entertaining television over the years.

Hattie Adams is in a class of her own

Bonnie Lockhart and Susan Banks aren't the only "Days of Our Lives" doppelgangers who have been making fans laugh for years. Marlena Evans' lookalike Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall) has always been one of the funniest characters to ever appear on the soap opera. Hattie's existence was discovered in 2000 when she was revealed to be a waitress who looked so much like Marlena that Stefano DiMera convinced her to have plastic surgery to create a wild Marlena-like clone. Stefano then used Hattie as a way to play with Marlena's life. However, although Hattie looked just like Marlena, the two couldn't have been more different.

Hattie was loud, outspoken, and blunt when it came to giving her opinion. Actor Deidre Hall even gushed about playing the role that deviated so much from her original character, per TODAY. Although she did her best to act like Marlena at times, it was clear that she couldn't quite get down the beloved Salemite's soft and caring mannerisms, which alone equaled comedy gold. Hattie also developed a crush on Marlena's ex-husband, Roman Brady, which made for some delightfully awkward moments.

Meanwhile, although Hattie found herself involved in a life of crime, she did prove to have a good heart. She befriended Hope Brady and even aided in saving Marlena's life at one point, revealing that she had reformed her wicked ways. To this day, whenever Hattie pops up in Salem, fans can't help but chuckle at her wacky demeanor.

Jack Deveraux is a loveable goofball

Longtime "Days of Our Lives" viewers will remember the intense evolution of Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford). The character came to Salem with his sights set on Kayla Brady and ended up finding out that he was the biological brother of Steve and Adrienne Johnson. Jack had a rough childhood and even assaulted Kayla during the couple's marriage. However, over the years, Jack proved himself to be a changed man, and a loveable goofball at that. Fans soon found out that Jack loved to crack jokes and has often entertained with physical comedy. Even in the darkest of times, Jack has found ways to bring light to a bad situation. While he's been a source of comic relief on the sudser, he's also been involved in some very emotional moments, including being presumed dead several times. Jack's evolution is one for the books and the character has had a wild ride throughout the decades.

Although he's been coined as a bit of an eccentric character from time to time, Jack has also shown his softer side when it comes to his family and his love for his longtime wife, Jennifer Horton. Jack and Jennifer's love story made them a Salem super couple over the years, and their adventures together have been filled with some wacky moments, such as joining the circus.

"Days of Our Lives" has become known for creating a wide variety of in-depth characters, but the funny ones hold a special place in the hearts of fans.